Kamakhya temple – Kamakhya dham

Kamakhya temple

Kamakhya temple or kamakhya dham is a hindu temple situated in Nilachal hills in Guwahati district in Assam state. This temple is dedicated to mother goddess Kamakhya , along with her other avataras also are worshipped here. These are: Kali, Tara, Sodashi, Bhuvneshwari, Bharaivi, Chinnamasta, Dhumavati, Bagalamukhi, Matangi and Kamala. Here many tantriks come to worship these goddesses.

Story of kamakhya temple

This temple has charming story behind its creation. it is believed that once a time king daksha was doing a great yagna. His daughter Sati who married to lord shiva against his wish because he thought that he was not suitable for her so it made him angry. He wanted to show lord shiva down at any cost so he gave invitation to all dieties except lord shiva and insulted him before devi parvati. She felt humiliated for her husband. She jumped into the fire andcommitted suicide. It made lord shiva completely raged and insane.He carried her dead body on his shoulders and starting doing tandava dance. Then lord vishnu cut her dead body with his chakra and the places where 108 pieces of her body fell are known as shakti peeths. kamakhya temple is the place where her womb and vagina fell.

Kamakhya temple secrets

Mother kamakhya is also known as bleeding goddess because it mensurates for three days in the month of june which turns brahmputra river water red. During this time its doors are closed ,after that pilgrims celebrate the next day with great pomp. Till now there is no scientific evidence but people have great reverence here and people worship goddess kamakhya in the form of shakti which is present in every woman.

facts about kamakhya temple

a) People have belief that first intimation between lord shiva and goddess parvati happened at this place and also at this place yoni and
vegina of goddess fell and these parts were installed here and people worship it with great reverence.
b) goddess kamakhya is also symbolize as power of creation because it bleeds in the month of june which is considered as power of woman
to create a new life.
c)There are some small temples inside the temple in which other avataras of goddess kamakhya are worshipped.
d) There is a garbhagrah inside the temple in which there is no idol , only a yoni shape sculpture is present there.
e) different types of pujas are performed inside the temple and also it is strange for its unique bee heve like structure.

kamakhya temple

Darshan time of kamakhya temple

There is no fix time for darshan , one can come at any time whenever it remains open. it starts from 5:30 AM in morning and close at 10:00 PM at night. Changes are made in timings only at special occasions like durga puja etc.

Aghori tantriks in kamakhya

when we get to listen about aghori tantriks , first thing strikes in our minds is black magic or spells but aghori tantrik there are always help people when some one goes there with postive and truthful intention, not in motive of harming others.

Hotels near kamakhya temples

If you are planning to visit kamakhya temple then some of this hotels which are near the temple are Trimurti international hotel, hotel Millenium, Samrat hotel may be a good choice for you. you can order your booking in advance in one of these
hotels before visiting here.



How to reach Kamakhya

There are all means we can reach Kamakhya dham through road, airways or through railways. Gowahati railway station in largest railway station in north east india and it is well connected with all major cities in india. After reaching there we can simply hire a taxi or cab to reach the kamakhy dham

Meaning of name kamakhya

Kamakhya is a sanskrit word , it has two parts which are kama that means love and other is akhya which means renowned. So kamakhya is also named as goddess of love which is embodiment of love. This is the place where goddess came to make love with lord shiva.

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