5 Deadly Weapons used in Mahabharata War

Asi - The sword of Lord Brahma


Asi-special Sword of Brahma-

Brahma performed a Yagna, when a demon-like being sprang from the midst of the sacrificial fires scattering flames all around. His teeth were sharp and terrible, stomach lean and skinny, very tall, slim and very powerful.

Simultaneously, the earth started shaking, there were turmoil in the oceans, the forceful winds started howling all around, the trees started falling and being torn apart, and the meteors started blazing through the skies! Brahma declared: The ‘being’ I have conceived is Asi.

It shall effect the destruction of the enemies of the gods and restore the Dharma. Upon this, the creature assumed the form of a blazing, sharp-edged sword, glowing like the flames at the end of the Kalpa.

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