A legendary place- The Shani Shingnapur

With the Advancement of technology and the growth of the economy, the divide between the rich and the poor widened up after the independence of our great nation – India. As this divide kept on increasing, the crime rate across the country kept increasing exponentially. In such dark times, it is so hard to imagine a place where there is no crime, no police stations required, no complaints of such heinous crimes like Loot, Murder, Rape etc., well such place exist in one small part of our country and that is in Maharashtra, about 350 Kms. from the Mumbai and 60 Kms. from the popular pilgrimage spot: Shirdi. The place that we are talking about today is the astounding village of Shani Shingnapur.


In this village there are no doors, no locks etc. whatsoever, as people live free and with harmony. There hasn’t been a single incident of crime in decades in this village.
This is the place where many go to get blessed by the presiding Lord Shani who is personified as the manifestation of planet saturn. Millions of people every year come and pay their respects to the Shani dev and are astonished at the sight of this village. In place of doors, people use only barriers and curtains that too in order to keep off the stray animals from their porch. They live a normal life here, go to work just on time without bothering about anything in the household, as according to them everything is dedicated to Lord Shani and if anybody tries to harm them or steal anything from their houses, he will have to bare the brunt of Lord Shani’s wrath.

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