Interesting things to know about Valmiki

Valmiki’s epic vision :

When the mythical sage Narada came to his hermitage, Valmiki who received him with due honor, posed a question – who was an ideal man?

The reply came from narada in the form of samkshepa ramayana which formed the foundation on which the magnificent 24,000 verse edifice was built by valmiki. Then, immersed deep into this story, valmiki left for the river tamasa with his disciple bharadwaj. The pleasant and placid river reminded the seer of the mature and modest quality of his hero. He visualized a pure and pious man’s mind reflected in the deep waters. In the next instant he witnessed a heartless hunter mercilessly killing a male bird that was in love with its mate. The piteous wailing of the distressed female moved the heart of the sage so much that he spontaneously uttered a curse on the hunter.

However, this curse came out of his mouth in the form of a ‘sloka’, a perfectly metrical composition, which surprised the sage himself: “no – you shall not command any respect in society for a long time as you have shot dead an innocent bird engrossed in love”. The sage had turned into a poet.


He wrote about 40 poems
1. Ayodrya, the righteous city
2. Mithila, and the breaking of the bow
3. Meeting of janak and dasa-ratha
4. Return to ayodrya
5. The embassy to ayodhya
6. The preparation
7. The wedding
8. The council convened
9. The people consulted
10. The city decorated
11. Intrigue
12. The queen’s demand
13. The king’s lament
14. The sentence
15. Woman’s love
16. Brother’s faithfulness
17. Mother’s blessings
18. Citizens’ lament
19. Crossing the tamasa: the citizens’ return
20. Crossing the ganges. Bharad-vaja’s hermitage
21. Crossing the jumna-valmiki’s hermitage
22. The meeting of the brothers
23. Bharat’s entreaty and rama’s reply
24. Kausalya’s lament and rama’s reply
25. Jabali’s reasoning and rama’s reply
26. The sandals
27. The hermitage of atri
28. The hermitage of agastya
29. The counsel of agastya
30. The forest of panchavati
31. Winter in panchavati
32. Surpa-nakha in love
33. Surpa-yarua punished
34. Rama’s departure
35. Lakshman’s departure
36. Ravan’s coming
37. Ravan’s wooing
38. Ravan’s triumph
39. Friends in misfortune
40. The counsel of tara


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