Jagannath temple- Interesting facts to know about Jagannath Puri

Jagannath Temple

Jagannath temple puri

Jagannath temple is one the famous hindu temple located in puri district in oddisa. This temple is dedicated to lord vishnu. Its construction was started in 12 century by king Anandverman chodaganga deva . The trinity of gods jagannath, balbhadra and goddess subhadra are worshipped here.

The ancient saints like Adishankracharya, Ramanuj, Chaitanya mahaprabhu had a deep relation with this temple. Chaitnya mahaprabhu was devoted to diety subhadra and he spent some years of his life in this temple.

Puri rath yatra

Puri rath yatra is the oldest festival also called chariot festival is celebrated in india . It starts on 25th of june and ends on 3rd of july. Its description has been mentioned in many ancient purans. This festival starts with visiting of all dieties jagannath , balbhadra(elder brother of jagannath) subhadra(sister of jagannath) to gundicha temple(aunty’s house) where they are kept for nine days and then they are taken back to the main temple.The returning yatra of dieties is known as bahuja yatra.

The all three dieties are placed in chariots and people along with priests pull the chariots with the help of ropes. during the festival there is a huge crowd of people to have a glimpse of their gods. The chariot of jagannath is referred as Nandigosh. The chariot of balbhadra is referred as Taladhbaja and chariot of subhadra is referred as Devadalana.The chariots are well decorated by artists during the festival.

There is old ritual called chera pahada is followed during this festival and roads are cleaned with broom all around the dieties. These nine day visit of dieties are celebrated with great fan and fare at aunt’s house by offering sweets and pancakes.

jagannath temple

Pooja timings in Jagannath temple

first of all morning starts with mangal aarti at 5 am, then mailam(changing of dresses) at 6 am like this other rituals are followed throughout the day and day ends with bhagashringara bhog.

Jagannath temple kitchen

jagannath temple kitchen is considered as world largest kitchen . It has 600 cookes and many assistants. everyday food is prepared for lords. The fire inside the temple is called vaishnav agni which is fire of lord jagannath and and it keeps burning and never put out.

There is a hearsay that if mother laxmi is not happy with the food preparations of cooks then a dog is seen inside the premises of temple while there is no dog is allowed to enter inside the temple, when it happens immediately all food is  thrown away or burried and fresh food is prepared again.

jagannath temple

Puri Jagannath temple story

jagannath temple is situated in odissa and is dedicated to lord krishna , one of the avataras of lord vishnu .there is some interesting story behind its creation that when shri krishna died then pandvas performed his last rituals and preserved his heart that took a form of log, which is kept inside the idol of lord jagannath in puri and it is believed that lord brahma resides inside the idol of jagannath. In every 12 years when idol of lord is changed then priests can not see it because their eyes are covered with a cloth and if some one see the lord brahma then he has to die after that.

Brahma paribartan

Brahma paribartan is a secret ritual of ‘Nabhakalibera‘ which is a festival of jagannath temple. It is celebrated after 19 years in which eternal rest is given to all dieties.All the things associated with lords such as clothes, chariot, pillows , beds are burried along with them. This process is kept invisible and all the nearest market shops are kept closed so that process is kept hidden from any outsider from the temple premises.

History of jagannath temple

It is considered that this temple is as much old as human civilization. The inscriptions about jagannath temple are mentioned in ancient purans. Some historians say that pandavas paid a visit to this temple, some other says about jesus christ  also came here but still historians have not reached to any final result regarding it.

jagannath puri temple facts

there are some dumbfounded experiences about jagannath temple that make it unique in itself
a) you will see no bird around the jagannath temple.

b) it is architechurally designed in such a way that at any time of day you will not be able to see the shadow of temple.

c) Its grand rath yatra that is celebrated annually when three dieties lord krishna his elder brother balbhadra and sister subhadra pay a visit to gundicha temple(aunty’s house).

d)the flag at the top of the temple seems to flap opposite direction to wind.

jagannath temple hyedrabad

jagannath temple hyedrabad is replica of old puri temple. It is located near banjara hills in haidrabad.The structure of this temple is in red colour due to use of sand stone. All three dieties are kept here and annual rath yatra is celebrated with great fan and fare.

jagannath temple

jagannath temple ranchi

jagannath temple at ranchi similar to temple at puri although smaller than it was built by king thakur anish nath shahdeo. It is few kms away from the main town. Rath yatra is celebrated here annually and people celebrate it great vigor and enthuthiasm. It is situated on a hill top and  was reformed again after 1990 by the continuous efforts of gov and ardent worshippers.

jagannath temple

jagannath temple bangalore

Jagannath temple in bangalore is situated on sarjapur road in agara in bangalore and is looked after by temple trust in bangalore.

jagannath temple

jagannath temple delhi

It is located in hauz khas in delhi and looked after by Oria community. it is also famous for its annual rath yatra and thousands of devotee celebrate it with great pomp and excitement.

jagannath temple


Jagannath temple ahmedabad

Jagannath temple in ahamdabad is situated in jamalpur locality and was built by sadhu surangdasi 400 years ago. It is famous for its rath yatra similar to puri rath yatra.


Jagannath temple

jagannath temple chennai

The jagannath temple inside the chennai is present in kannathur reddikuppam road and is built in Kalinga architecture . There is holy shrine inside the temple dedicated to lord shiva, lord ganesh and goddess bimla.

jagannath temple

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