Kedarnath temple – things to know about Kedarnath yatra

kedarnath temple, kedarnath mandir

Kedarnath temple

Kedarnath temple is a hindu temple present in Kedarnath district of Uttarakhand in india. It is famous temple devoted to lord Shiva. It is 3000 years old and was built in 8th century . It is one of the 12 jyotirlingas of lord Shiva in india and highest among them. Its height is 3523 meter. Every year many pilgrims come to visit this temple.There is a throng of people through out the year and foreign visitors also come to visit it.

Places to visit in Kedarnath

If you are planning to visit Kedarnath temple then you should not miss some places. These are Sonprayag, Chandrashila, Shankracharya samiti, Vasuki tal.


People have belief that this is the place where lord shiva and goddess parvati met and they tied knot with each other. This is the confluence place of Mandakini and Baisukhi river and people make a holy dip here to achieve salvation.


It is also a beautiful place for climbers and it is beautified with the lord shiva temple situated on its peak. Visitors come here throughout the year.

Shankracharya samiti

This is the place where Shankracharya attained nirvana at the age of 32 years. He is known for his adwait philosophy. He established four maths in india in east, west, north, south directions and one of his maths is present here.

Vasuki tal

This lake shows a great panorama of Chaukumba peaks. It is the must visit place for adventure lovers and trakkers. People would love to climb up these ranges.

Kedarnath flood 2013

In june 2013, kedarnath bore a massive flood which was the biggest natural disaster in india after 2003 Tsunami.Many people lost their lives in that disaster. The main reason behind that inundation was excessive rain which caused overflow of rivers.


It caused a great devastation to roads, bridges. Many villages and houses were damaged by flood. Many people who were rescued from there witnessed the giant waves of water, rolling down of heavy stones and massive landslides. After this gov had ristricted the amount of per day visitors to 1500 and there was no limit to per day visitors before that.

Online registration for kedarnath yatra

After incidence of 2013 gov has made cumpulsory biometric registration for each devotee. With the help of it location of each devotee will be tracked through GPS system and that will be on special registration card provided by the gov and along with it food and other kind of stuff will be provided to each devotee. Any devotee can do his registration by visiting any of the registration counters or by applying online by filling some of his basic details like name, email id, contact no, address etc.

Best time to visit kedarnath

The best time to visit kedarnath is between july to september and it is considered ideal time to visit because of pleasent weather and people enjoy visiting here during this time.

How to go to Kedarnath

The Rishikesh railway station is close to the Kedarnath temple at a distance of 216 km and this railway station is connected with many major cities. If you reach Rishikesh railway station then you can simply take a bus or hire a taxi to reach your destination.

Badrinath temple

Badrinath temple is dedicated to lord vishnu situated near to kedarnath temple. One can simply hire a taxi from kedarnath to badrinath. This temple is as famous as Kedarnath temple.

Kedarnath temple history

According to scientists this temple was digged inside the ice for 400 years and they are not surprised how this temple was safe in 2013 disaster.

Kedarnath flood

Some people think that that it was built by king Bhoj and some have belief that it was build by Adishankracharya in 8th century. Some people say that pandavas built a temple behind it and with time it was wiped out because it could not bear the journey of time.


The gov is continuously making efforts to rejuvenate Kedarnath again and for that it is developing new Kedarpuri and for this there is a target of creating 113 buildings and many of them have been created. Mega star Amitabh bachhan is going to promote this event. It will encourage the number of visitors arriving here.

130 years old kedarnath temple:
The glory of Kedarnath temple is same as it looked like 130 years old ago. We feel with reverence after entering the pious doors of Kedarnath temple.

Kedarnath temple before and after devastation: In june 2013 disaster due to heavy rains, cloudburst, massive landslides almost everything destroyed except holy shrine of lord shiva. Many of the pilgrims were died but those pilgrims who were inside the temple were safe. the shrine of lord shiva got stuck inside the mud and it took some time to remove the debris around the shrine.

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