Life and Death of Duhsala: The only sister of 100 kauravas and 5 Pandavas

All of us know that Kauravas were 100 brothers but not much is known about the 101st character in the great saga. These 100 brothers also had a sister whose name was Duhsala  and as we look deeper into history, it turns out that history related to Duhsala was not good, even though Duhsala had 100 brothers and also 5 Pandavas as her cousins to look after or care for her.


Duhsala was the only daughter in the long lineage of offsprings of king Dhritrashtra and queen Gandhari. Her childhood was fruitful as she was loved and cared by the auspicious king and his 100 sons as well as 5 pandavas.


Her suffering began in the later years of her life, when she got married to the king of Sindhu and Sauvira, King JayadrathaHer husband was a split personality,a disorder, who often became cruel or uncivil to women. But then Duhsala had to face her husband anyway as are the oppression of the customs for an Indian Nari.


Duhsala already had a troubled life due to her husband’s disorder, but one day Jayadratha tried to abduct Draupadi only to fail miserably in his attempt. He was caught and as punishment his head was shaved and pandas stood witness to it and did nothing. This was quite insulting for Jayadratha but even beyond limit for Duhsala.


After the incident, Jayadratha did Tapasya to Lord Shiva and asked for his forgiveness. He did the Tapasya with a lot of hard work and sacrifice and so he got boon that ‘whoever chops of his head and it falls on the ground, the killer’s head will burst into 100 pieces’ from Lord Shiva himself in return of his hard work and worship of the Lord. Duhsala used to get angry and ashamed whenever she saw Jayadratha. But then when she heard about the Worship and hard work that Jayadratha had done she forgave him.


Meanwhile, Jayadratha got an invite from Duryodhan to war against the Pandavas to which Jayadratha readily accepted to take revenge of his insult. During the war Jayadratha was the one who killed Abhimanyu, and as Arjun got the news he vowed to kill Jayadratha.


Lord Krishna directs Arjun to shoot the arrow in such a way that it detaches and falls in the lap of his father Vridhakshtra. Next day during the war Arjun did as he was told and so he was not only saved by the teachings of Krishna but he also got his revenge. When Duhsala heard about the incident, she was shocked and mourned as her world had come crashing down.


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