Lord Shiva and his secrets

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The Shiva is a Sanskrit word meaning “pure”. It also means “the auspicious one”, a name known for Rudra as well. For many years Shiva has been worshipped in the form of many avatars, so we jumped down into history to search the various facts that are not so known to people, some might have heard about them but we want our readers to be mesmerized about the findings that are going to be listed in this blog.

“The purest of the pure”, he, whose worship purifies one’s soul by the very utterance of his name. Lord Shiva is also known as “Devon ke dev Mahadev” meaning Lord of the great gods of sun, earth, water and air.

Some of the secrets of Shiva are:

Realtionship of Shiva with Indra:

According to the ancient literatures, the continuation of Vedic Indra was through Lord Shiva. It is said that both God Shiva and Indra had lust for Soma. Both Hindu Deities are associated with mountains, rivers, male fertility, warfare and the Aum sound as well as the supreme self. In Rig Veda, the term Shiva is used interchangeably for Indra. God Rudra( three headed form of Shiva) is also mentioned in the Rig Veda as the father of the Maruts.

Shiva and his Imagery:

God Shiva who is a three eyed deity, controlled the ganges flow through the miens of his hair. He wears a crescent moon over his head, smears himself in the ashes of the dead, wears an ornament made of skulls and wraps around his neck, a serpent. There’s a trishul that he carries in his right arm.

There is a big story behind Shiva having a crescent moon over his hair due to which he is also known as Chandrasekhara or Chandramouli meaning “To have the moon as his crest”. Having a Moon as his crest signifies that Shiva has a perfect control over his mind.

It is believed that Shiva recided in Mount Kailash with his wife parvati and two sons: Ganesha and kartikeya. He is believed to be in a state of deep meditation and looking after the balance of the Good and Evil.

The Neelkanth:

The Neelkanth, the other name by which Shiva is known, means as the one who has blue throat. It is said that he drank the Halahala poison that had arisen from the Samudra Manthan in order to eliminate its destructive capacity and save all the devas from the Asuras. Goddess Parvati tried to strangle his neck to stop it from spreading all over the universe, that is, Shiva’s stomach. And hence his neck color remained blue.

Relationship of Rudra with Agni:

It is believed that Rudra and Agni were closely acquainted. It was identified in the vedic literature as Rudra’s gradual development process from Shiva to Rudra. The relationship of Rudra and agni was very complex.

According to saturudria, it is clearly shown that Golden red hue of flame is the fusion of he two deities. But according to the medieval scripture, where Agni and Shiva are depicted as Bhairav having fire blazing hair as his feature.

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