Lord Shiva and the story behind Shivling

Lord Shiva was one of the holy trinities, in front of whom the world bows. People symbloize Shiva with the powerful mantra that we all know as Om Namah Shivay. Shiva had explained about his power self in the Shiva Purana that he recides in every living being in some Form or the other or even without form.

The literal meaning of “Om Namah Shivay” is that “ I bow down to Shiva.” This Mantra is so pwerful and has been used for ages, it is said that that if one continually vibrates this mantra in his heart then he does not have any need to perform austerities, to meditate, to practise yoga; if one is unable to devote time to yoga.

The powerful healing mantra is beneficial for all physical and mental ailments, it not only brings peace to the heart but also is a nourishing nectar for the soul.

What Is Shiva Lingam?

The Story behind Shiva lingam begins with the argument between the other trinity gods of Hinduism: the creator god, Brahma and Lord Vishnu. They could not decide about the existence and exactly who Shiva was? To which a “Column of Light” appeared in front of them in the month of Margasheersha and on the date of Poornima. When both the gods failed to understand the beginning and the end of Shiva Lingam ,then Shiva appeared in his visible form and preached the two gods the meaning of his true existence.

According to Shiva Purana, Shiva explained to the two gods that there existed his two forms: Sakala( with form) and Nishkala(Without form). This column of light has no end and no beginning and hence is my true form. In the form of sakala, I exist as a Brahman on earth and Maheshawara as the Nishkala form.

When i have sixteen Kalaas(Sakala), I exist as a Brahman and when i manifest crude energy, then i am a Brahman. A Brahman is the creator of all. Lingam depicts my formless Brhaman power.

One who has established Shiva lingam( parad)  in his life, he gets Sayuja Moksha or my eternal company for life.

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