Mandore – A place where Ravana is worshipped.

In India Ravana is looked upon as a symbol of evil, but there exist a place called Mandore where Raavan is a much celebrated figure. Mandore is a small town which is just 9km from Jodhpur city.

Mandore the city of Ravana:

Mandore is considered as the home town of Mandodari, Ravana’s wife, and hence Ravana is treated as the son-in-law among many Brahmin families in the town. There is one tall Chhatri (umbrella) in Mandore which is believed to mark the wedding spot of Ravana and Mandodari. It is also believed that many Brahmins from Ravana’s family came to Mandore with him for his marriage with Mandodari and settled here. Another account says that his descendants came here after Lanka was demolished during the war with Lord Rama.

Raavan is the great devotee of Lord Shiva and considered as “Mahapandit”. The Mudgal and Dave Brahmins of Mandore believe that they are the descendants of Ravana and revere him for being the greatest man of all times and the father of astrology. There is even a temple in the town where they worship him like a deity. Learning astrology in this temple is considered pious among all sects of Brahmins. Followers believe that Ravana’s temple also saves people from paranormal powers, black magic and evil spirits.

In Dussehera time, while the entire country burns effigies of Ravana on Dussehra, the temple priests and disciples observe 12-day-long death rituals after Dussehra to mourn his death.

Other than this, Ravana’s shradh is performed annually on 10th day of 16 lunar days of Pitra Paksh, a month before Diwali.

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