Significance of bells in temples

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Significance or scientific reason for bells in Hindu Temple. Bells are generally hung at the front door of temple and usually people need to ring it before entering into the temple.

People go to temples to find peace and serenity, to devote time and ask for the blessings from the almighty. I remember my time when I was a kid and my Mom used to take me to temples and when I reached the entrance, I used to jump on seeing that big bell hanging at the doorstep to touch it and ring it as loud as possible.

Never knew that there was a scientific explanation behind the placement of those bells at the doorstep of temples, or near the counter of idols of gods. For that matter first we need to understand that the bells are not made out of some ordinary metal. It is made up of various metals including cadmium, leqad, copper, zinc, nickel, chromium, and manganese.

The proportion at which each of these components are mixed is in such a way that every bell produces a different frequency of sound. These frequencies have only one thing in common and that is the after effect when they are rung, i.e., it creates the unity of left and right brain. The moment you ring the bell, it produces sharp but lasting sound which lasts for almost seven seconds which is just enough to touch and revive the seven healing centers or chakras in your body. The moment bell sound is heard the brain is wiped off for all the thoughts and you get focused only in praying.

This could be considered as a tran’s state where you are very receptive. This trans state is the one with awareness. The mind becomes so mesmerized that the only way to wake it up is by a shocking moment.

Hope to see you all pray with that kind of diligence, but yes please don’t try to overdo things by going to the temple today and ringing the bell endlessly.

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