The Story of Babruvahana ( The Son of Arjuna)

Babruvahana was the son of the Great Archer Arjuna from the MahaBharata. He was also more skilled than his Great Father himself. He was the child of Arjun and Chitrangada, the princess of Manipur. Arjun had met this Princess during his exile from his Kingdom, while on a pilgrimage tour. He met her , and fell in love with her.

Both of them loved each other and asked for the Manipur king’s consent. Before the marriage the king made Arjun promise him that their child will only rule the kingdom and will stay in Manipur itself. Arjun agreed with this. Then took place the marriage of Arjun and Chitrangada. When Chitranganda conceived a baby, she named him Babruvahana.

Arjun was not aware of this. And he also in due time forgot his wife Chitrangada also.Babruvahana was the adopted as the son of his maternal grandfather, and stayed in Manipur as his successor.

Now the interesting part of the story is:

Once while Arjun went to Manipur with the horse which was a part of the Aswamedha Yajn(Sacrificial Fire), there was a quarrel between Arjun and King Babhruvahana(Not knowing each other), and in the battle which took place between them, Babruvahana killed his father Arjun without having the knowledge that Arjun was his very father.

Later after the battle , when he told his mother about the battle, his mother fainted. After regaining conscious, she told him that Arjun was indeed his father. So, repenting of his deed of killing his dear father, he was determined to kill himself. But during this time his step-mother, another queen of Arjun called Uloopi, the Naga Princess came and stopped Babruvahana from killing himself. She assured that, she would restore Arjun’s life back with a special gem, which could bring back one’s life, which was available only with the Naga people.

So she restored Arjun’s life with this Magical Gem.After this incident, Babruvahana returned with his father to Hastinapur to witness the grand Ashwamedha Yajn.

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