Story of the Pushkar and the temples around

Long back , thousands of years ago,It is believed that Lord Brahma (One of the presiding diety of the Hindus) while flying over this spot called Pushkar , let slip his Lotus flower from his hand. It is said that Lord Brahma’s Lotus flower fell in to 3 separate places in the Pushkar area and that water started coming from the ground beneath at all these places. These places are located within a radius of six miles from each other. From the spot where the petals fell water sprang out and a lake was formed.

According to the Padma (Lotus) Puran, Brahma the Lord of Creation, killed a demon with a Lotus flower here. He dropped the Lotus at this place to kill the demon. The petals of the Lotus fell into three spots, where the lakes emerged. As Lord Brahma threw the Pushpa (Lotus flower) with his Kar (hand), so the place received the name Pushkar.Lord Brahma performed a yajna(ritual sacrifice) on the full moon of Kartik month.

Lord Brahma, the creator of the Universe, was in search of a suitable place to perform the yajna. The Lotus from his hand fell down, rebounded, and fell at three places, from where water sprang. Thus Brahma decided to perform the yajna at Pushkar.

But the yajna could not take place without his wife Goddess Saraswati by his side, and she was late to the yajna. Lord Brahma therefore had to ask Indra( The King of Heavens) to arrange a marriage for him, so that he could fulfill the religious obligations. So the priest manifested a daughter called Gayatri. Because she was an untouchable, to purify her, she was put into the mouth of a cow and removed from the other end, which totally purified her. Gaya means “cow “and tri means “passed through.” When arrived she saw Brahma married without her permission. So she cursed Brahma, that he would only be worshipped at Pushkar. Enraged, with the turn of events, went and established a temple at Rathkagir, on top of the hill a little south of Pushkar. It is said to be due to Goddess Saraswati’s resentment that Brahma is mainly worshipped only at Pushkar.

In the Mahabharat concerning Brahma Puskara, it is said: “The holy place of Lord Vishnu, Puskara-tirtha, renowned in the three worlds, is situated on this earth. Fortunate souls can enter that place. O son of the Kuru dynasty, at Puskara-tirtha billions of tirthas gather at daybreak and sunset. Sins of both men and women, including the sin which caused their birth, are destroyed simply by taking a bath at Puskara-tirtha. As Madhusudana is the original God, so Puskara is the original tirtha.”

It is believed that to bath in Pushkar lake on Kartika Purnima (Oct/Nov) gives salvation. The full benefit of taking bath in the Pushkar lake is said to be during the last five days of Kartika month. One who takes bath at this time is said to be relieved of all sins and goes to heaven when they leave their body.

It is 10kms northwest of Ajmer, 400 kms southwest of Delhi, and 145 kms southwest of Jaipur in Rajasthan, on the edge of the desert. There is a rectangular lake here surrounded by temples. There are over 400 temples in Pushkar. Some of the important temples are dedicated to Lord Brahma, Lord Ranganatha, Lord Varaha, Goddess Savitri and Goddess Gayatri.

A few other Temples around Pushkar:

Varaha Temple, Pushkar, Rajasthan:

Varaha Temple

The temple was originally built in the 12th century by King Anaji Chauhan but suffered severe destruction at the hands of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. He disliked the life-size Deity of Lord Varaha with the head of a boar and body of a man. Later, Sawai Jai Singh reconstructed the temple in the 18th century.

The temple enshrines a magnificent two feet tall white Deity of Lord Varaha. The temple has elegant carvings and sculptures. The life-size dwarapalas (door men) and pillars showing the bird Garuda are styled in gold.

Rangnath Temple Pushkar:

Rangnath Temple

This is the largest and the most imposing of the modern temples, and is situated at the entrance to the town of Pushkar.

Savitri Temple:

savitri temple

This temple is situated above Pushkar lake, in Pushkar where one has to climb up , the uphill of a distance of 1 .5 kms. It is ideal to start climbing up the stairs early in the mornings so you can reach in time spend some time & walk down before hot sun catches you.It is worth visiting!

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