The story of Shani Sade sati

Once upon time, all the nine planets gathered together and wanted to decide onto who was the superior among them all or the most respected one. As it was expected, nothing could be concluded as they all had their arguments in place and hence to no avail. So they decided to go to Indra, the wisest among all devatas. Lord Indra wanted no part of this, as he did not want to be a victim of anybody’s anger. So he suggested “ There is a wise king Vikramaditya on earth in Ujjainee, who can tell you this.” So all the planets went to the king Vikram’s court.

Vikramidtya was popular for his acts of justice and valor in those days. The court was packed full of courtiers and people when the Graha’s arrived to talk to Vikramaditya. Seeing all the graham coming to his court, he offered his seat to the graha’s but all of them refused and said “ We all want to know from you that who is the most respected graham among us.” Vikramaditya also found himself in a flux, but he devised a plan and told courtiers to bring him aasans  for all graham and told them to sit their and wait until he decides upon the matter. The throne closest to Vikram’s throne, was grabbed by Brihaspati who ran towards it and took it. The next of it was taken by Surya, and followed by Chandrama, then Budh, Mangal, Raahu, and Ketu. Bhaargav’s(Venus) position was eight but since that throne was the last and was close to the door and hence Shani did not sit there. King Vikram had thought that whoever will sit in that last throne, will be full of humility and hence he would declare him to be the greatest.

But all was messed up by Shani dev who did not sit there and had no aasan left for himself to sit on. All the other graham started laughing and making fun of Shani. The most angry god in his fury, said to King Vikramaditya “ You did not do well by getting me insulted in front of these wise men. If you don’t know then let me tell you: The Moon stays in a raashi for only 2and ¼ day; Surya,Budh and Shukra stay only 15 days; Mangal on the other hand stays for 2 months; and Guru stays for 13 months; and Raahu and Ketu stays there for 18 months; while I live for 7 and ½ years in a person’s raashi. You did not do the right thing  by not taking into account. You will have to bear the brunt of this insult.”

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