Unknown tale of King Bali and Raavan

Once upon a time when there was celebration in the glory of Indrajith(Ravana’s son) in Lanka , Ravana’s abode. Narada Muni also came to the celebrations too. But Narada muni was upset, and Ravana observed this. He took Narada Muni away from the party celebration to a quiet section of the huge Palace to hear a clearly what made him upset.

Narada Muni said” You may be proud that you have conquered the most powerful universal controllers, but know that there is a mystical monkey King called Vali whose powers are Incomparable. Infact, I have personally heard Vali’s opinion about you. He considers you to be a fig in his presence. Ravana, your reputation is at stake since this monkey keeps taunting about your power-less-ness in front of his might. I suggest you that you crush his pride immediately and teach him a lesson.

He also has a boon that half of the opponent’s energy will be sucked into his person as soon as he glares at them.So Beware!” . The next morning Ravana left out for Kishkinda( The abode of King Vali). By the time he reached the hilltops of Kishkinda, he was tired. He wanted to break the brain’s of this monkey, Vali. Ravana went to the gates of Vali’s Palace and provoked him to accept the challenge of a death duel. He was mad with anger when no one even looked in his direction even though he was thundering.

Finally after so many shoutings,a lone monkey came out of the palace and introduced himself as Sugriva. He asked Ravana either to wait until his brother Vali would return from his Gayatri prayers to the Sun God, or if he wished to die , he could proceed to the Southern ocean right then! Ravana left for the Southern Ocean immediately. He saw Vali seated in a straight Lotus posture facing the ocean. Ravana after seeing Vali from behind realised it was not an easy task to defeat this monkey who had magnanimous body.

An idea struck him when he saw Vali’s tail. He quietly went near Vali. His idea was to grab the tail of the monkey and spin him around as fast as possible , until the monkey lost his breath under the pressure. But totally a different thing happened. As soon as Ravana caught Vali’s tail, the tail began to grow and bigger and coiled around Ravana’s hand. Then the tail started to coil around the body too. Ravana, was now very helpless and hopeless. Only his head was visible now.

After a few minutes Vali opened his eyes, Ravana pleaded to be released. But Vali was too busy to hear. He leapt into the air. Ravana was suspended from the monkey’s tail during the entire flight. Ravana wanted to hide his face, but could not because his hands were also tied up. After some time,Vali landed and Ravana was relieved. Again he started to pray to the Sun God in the Northern Ocean now. Again Vali opened his and was about to jump . Just then Ravana started pleading with Vali to release him.

Vali said that he had two more oceans to complete his prayers. Ravana pleaded pitifully saying a King of his stature should not be kept hanging from his tail. Vali agreed and released him from his tail and instead held Ravana’s neck under his armpit and jumped to the Western Ocean. Once Vali completed his prayers in all the four directions of the Ocean, he released Ravana from his clutches and asked him what he wanted.

Ravana who had got a knowledge of Vali’s power, wisely said” Your Friendship!”. “All right”, said Vali. “We shall seal our friendship with a Sacred fire”.Then Vali said something which frightened Ravana internally. Vali said” Had you not asked me friendship and instead chose to fight with me then I was thinking to keep you as a toy for my son Angada to play with!”. Ravana was happy with the choice he had made an awkward smile.

Vali invoked the Sacred fire and the two took the solemn of friendship. Drops of blood flowed from their palms into the fire, sealing their friendship forever. Ravana returned with a friendship earned and a life gained. Never did he speak of this incidence with whomever he knew! Whoever spoke of their Embarassments! So here concludes the Amazing Unknown tale of Ravana and Vali, who never met again!

जाने आखिर क्या कारण था रावण के भाई कुम्भकर्ण के छः महीने सोने का रहस्य और उससे जुडी कुछ रोचक बाते !

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