Why didn’t Hanuman stop Lord Rama from ending his life?

It is said that after defeating Raavan, Ram ruled Ayodhya for eleven thousand years and there was perfect justice and freedom, peace and prosperity. There were no natural disasters, diseases, ailments or ill-fortune of any nature on any living being. There were no sins committed in the world by any of his people.. His sons and sons of his brothers were made kings of smaller parts of a large empire.

One fine day a saint pays visit to Ram and demands private audience with him to have conversation. Ram had realised that all living beings who take birth had to die one day and so it was time for him to go to Vaikuntha. Ram knew that Yama-the god of death had come to pay him visit in the roop of saint.

Yama on the other hand used to be afraid of Hanuman who was the guardian of the doors of Ram’s palace to make sure no one could take Ram away from him.

So to let yama enter Ram dropped his ring into one of the cracks in the palace floor. Ram told Hanuman to fetch it for him. Hanuman decreased his size to that of a minute creature and went into the crack to find Ram’s ring. To his astonishment that crack was actually the land of the serpents where Hanuman met Vasuki, the king of serpents and informed him of his mission.

Vasuki directed the eyes of Hanuman towards a mountain of rings. Hanuman was baffled that how would he find the ring that belongs to Ram. To his astonishment the first ring that Hanuman picked was that of Ram. But to his amazement every ring that Hanuman picked was that of Ram. Hanuman asked Vasuki “what is the meaning of this?”

Vasuki smiled and explained ” This world that we live in ,goes around in cycles of life and death. Each cycle is called kalp and that each kalp is made of four yugs. In tret yug or the second quarter Ram takes birth in Ayodhya and at the last quarter or shesh yug Ram’s ring falls into the land of the serpents. Then, a monkey from the top comes here to fetch it and at the top Ram dies. This has been going on for the hundreds of thousands of kalpas. Each ring testify to this fact.”Now, Hanuman knew that it was time for Ram to die and that he would have to let him go.

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भगवान राम नही बल्कि माता सीता के द्वारा हुआ था राजा दशरथ का पिंडदान !

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